Daily Archives: July 4, 2007

Work At Last

To everyone who has left comments or sent me private emails assuring me that I Did Not Suck: thank you, but I wasn’t worried that I did. And upon rereading my post I have reassured myself that no, that’s not what I said; I expressed my disappointment with my experience. I just didn’t enjoy myself. I’m not enjoying much these days.

The first part of the project finally arrived yesterday, almost a full two weeks late. And sure enough, they want it back two weeks earlier that the original timeframe defined. On top of that this project functions on a monthly billing schedule, which means I’m not going to see money until mid-August. After blocking off the last third of June and deciding against bidding for another job, this makes me very, very cranky. I have bills, and my savings are dangerously low. Also: monthly? That implies working for more than one month, which I highly doubt is the case here. The original timeline was for a four-week delivery, and with things being late, voila, we are already behind (as is usual in this industry, I understand). I did a bit of detective work last night and located the product for which I am doing this editing, and it’s scheduled for release this fall. I can understand the rush caused by the late delivery of the translation, but it irritates me that my schedule and finances are negatively impacted by it.