Daily Archives: July 9, 2007

Coffee Break

Hurrah, more thunderstorms! I love thunderstorms: I’ve got windows open to smell the water and wet earth as well as to hear the rain. The storm and Yo-Yo Ma playing Ennio Morricone are providing my work soundtrack today.

I now know the difference between an Axel, a salchow, and a toe loop. What I’m not clear on is why Axel takes a capital but salchow does not. Axels are named after Axel Paulsen, and salchows are named for Ulrich Salchow (heck, even loops are formally called Rittbergers although you never hear the term), so why aren’t both capitalised?

This morning at breakfast:

LIAM: Mama sitting in Dada’s chair.

AUTUMN: [counts the words in the sentence and notes the use of the word ‘in’] Er, yes. Yes, I’m sitting in Dada’s chair.

LIAM: Dada! Come sit! Come sit in Mama’s chair, Mama in Dada’s chair.

And yesterday, we met a lovely cinnamon-coloured rabbit on our back porch. He lives next door and is called Switch, although Liam called him Peter while feeding it his raisins and giggling when the bunny tickled his hand with his nose. The neighbours were nowhere in sight but their back door was open, so we assumed it was theirs although we had no notion they owned a rabbit. HRH did track them down later though to make sure (a) the rabbit was allowed outside, and (b) that it was okay for it to wander over to our deck and visit with us. It’s very sweet and easy-going, and Liam adored it. It was nice for him to be able to pet something, seeing as how he can’t exactly cuddle his fish and the cats are avoiding him these days as he has been attempting to pick them up by handfuls of fur.

Back to editing the script. Break’s over.

Welcome To Monday Morning

We had a wonderful afternoon with Karine, Adam, and the boys yesterday at their new house. It was good to get out, and the unexpected sun was a treat. We all slept well (and slept in!); great thunderstorm this morning; everyone was in a good mood getting ready for the day.

Then, two words ruined the morning:

Flat tire.

Very flat, in fact. We must have run over something on the unfinished roads out in the new development. Good thing the landscaping has been called off for the day due to the wet weather, because this allows HRH to drive the car very, very carefully on the (surprisingly small) spare out to our mechanic. The bad part is that he’s going to waste half the day doing car stuff when he could be painting and finishing up the job across the street. We’re crossing our fingers and hoping that it’s just a puncture that can be plugged, and not a damaged rim or a tire that can’t be patched.