Daily Archives: May 1, 2007

Scratch Pad Apr 30

The metro went out today while I was on it; it spent a lot of time sitting in stations, then at Lionel Groulx the power went out entirely, the cars going dark, the air flow ceasing. My first reaction: “I’ve read ‘Crisse, des zombies!’: I know what happens next, and I’m ready!” It went operational again within ten minutes, but altogether my metro trip in took forty minutes instead of twenty. And I still got into work only fifteen minutes late. I don’t understand public transport at all. Also, when it is sunny, the buses are more on schedule than if it is overcast, rainy, or snowing.

Reading The Earth Path on the commute now. I keep coming across things that make me peaceful, or wish I had time to write responses in my notebook. The main reaction is, why wasn’t this book available when I started writing the green witch book? Starhawk says things so much better than I do. (As to why I didn’t pick it up when it came out: I’d already done a pile of GW research, then I changed gears and wrote the Wicca book, then I had a baby. Never got around to it. It’s entirely possible I would have been tempted to give up if I had read it, because why bother?)

Slept horribly — didn’t fall asleep till after midnight, woke up at 5:30 and couldn’t relax enough to fall back asleep for the last hour before I had to get up. But when I did get up I saw that my new French door was up on my office, after much trial on the part of HRH due to power tools losing their charge and doorframes being badly bowed out of line. The cats are very upset, particularly Nixie.

I want to edit MORE! Curse the contract which requires us to use as much of the original as possible! The colloquialisms and lack of that/which agreement are driving me around the bend!

A (sends this definition to t!): “parapet: to be brave enough to state an opinion that might upset someone”
A: *beats dictionary*
A: *a lot*
t!: I thought parapet was a kitten with ESP.
A: [howls]

“Prawns: large small edible seas creatures.” *headdesk*

Ouch. Hello, brick wall. I’ve done an insane amount of work so far today, and I think I just died. Also, my back hurts.

Yup. My brain is pudding.