Daily Archives: May 16, 2007

Scratch Pad May 15

I was in the studio today from 9 till 1 invigilating the actor’s recording of the last 400 words we needed. I am now mostly wiped out; the studio takes so much out of you. Or maybe it’s listening closely to someone trying to pronounce thousands of syllables correctly. Humans are lazy; we often don’t bother to pronounce words correctly because we know our listeners will fill the rest in and make the leap of comprehension. We can’t get away with that in an instructive recording, so there was a lot of splitting hairs. And beyond that, it was nice to be able to explain what a word is when someone says “What the heck does that mean?”, and to have people look at you and say “You must be the smartest person in the whole world.” It’s said in fun as a joke, of course, but it’s good to hear this as a fun compliment instead of the similar nasty cracks suffered during childhood. (Yeah, and I’m getting paid for being smart, too, all you people who used to tease me. Also working on something tremendously cool in an industry that would cause your jaw to drop, bullies. So there.) Had a short lunch with t! when I got back, now trying to settle back into regular work, but everything feels like it’s buzzing.

There was green crayon on my sheets this morning, where Liam helpfully coloured the papers I was cross-checking before I left for work. No one seemed to mind.

I should have given into my idle thought at lunch to bring a Coke up with me. God, I’m wiped.

Looks like my sound test/placeholder recording happens tomorrow around noon. They, er, forgot yesterday. (That happens; everyone is kind of dazed these days.)


Eyes keep crossing. Body keeps trying to zone out and fall asleep. Of course, I had another night of five hours of broken sleep, so that plus the studio probably has something to do with it. Someone shoot me if I am not in bed by nine tonight. Preferably with warm milk with a touch of vanilla in it, and cats. Or maybe a glass of wine instead. (Instead of the milk, not the cats.)


Oh, honestly — I want to go shoe shopping again. What is WITH this? What I really need are socks — my beautiful black trouser socks with the Pooh applique on the side have developed an embarrassing hole in the right toe.


Where did half an hour just go? Oh, lord.


Okay, so why am I suddenly unable to stop thinking about my Vivaldi novel?

Be afraid: the group mind and collective consciousness is dredging up rare things that Ann and I discussed yesterday. Ook.


Hmm. Possibly another in-house recommendation, this time to edit a 20K script down by 2K. No way to estimate how long that will take unless I see the thing. We’re thinking two work weeks. Can’t verify, as the script is currently in Japanese. (Er, yes, that would make it a challenge.) They have my contact info and my rates; it may happen a month from now. we’ll see.