Daily Archives: May 8, 2007

Scratch Pads May 7 and 8

The scratch pads at work have seen scarce use these past two days as I’ve been over my ears in work and staying as focused as possible. But here’s what did get jotted down:

May 7:


I made pancakes this morning, inspired by Blade’s breakfast on Sunday. It went over very well; Liam ate more at this breakfast than he has at breakfast in weeks There is enough batter left over to do it again in a couple of days, too. My pancakes aren’t usually this fluffy; apparently all the planets aligned in a particular way this morning.


“Armadillos range from South America to the southern part of the US.” Really? Those are well-traveled armadillos. WORD CHOICE AND ORDER COUNT, people.

May 8:

Had a pancake again this morning. I really enjoy it when the whole family eats breakfast together. Liam likes putting syrup on one of his silver dollar pancakes, topping it with a second, and eating it like a sandwich. Not as successful is trying to eat this sandwich by impaling it on a fork and lifting it to his mouth.

So very tired. What with working on the laptop at home on other work at night once dinner in finished, my brain’s not getting a chance to rest.

Was suddenly ravenous at 10 AM despite having had a sit-down breakfast again, and descended upon the cafe to forage. Ended up with a delicious square thing for my coffee break — a shortbread crust, with brownie on top. Also a hot chocolate. And yet, curiously enough I have not gained any weight while eating lunch out every day. (This isn’t necessarily a good thing. I was hoping to see the scale creep up a bit.)


shopsoiled lotus (no, this should mean nothing to you, it’s a note to myself)


Overheard: “Yay, you worked all day to get it broken.” (Yes, we’re on a build deadline, how did you guess?)

Today’s amusing link: The Austenblog points us to a fantasy Jane Austen action film.

Also, weather? Ridiculous. Three weeks ago there was snow on the ground. We hit a high of 27 degrees C today. Enjoyable, but alarming.