Daily Archives: April 25, 2007

Scratch Pad Apr 24

Nothing like Brian Setzer rockabilly first thing in the morning. Thank you, t!.

… and for the neoPagan filk that is developing out of it.

Just sent off my declination of the electric cello. A little sad, but there we are. I asked her to keep it, and to take lessons when she ends up wherever she’s going. I think the cello is an important symbol to her; now she just needs to use that symbol and allow it to transform her life.

The cello vendor responded with heartfelt thanks for an encouraging letter, and says I read her mind. I have done A Good Thing for someone today.

Pandora radio! I Know I Could by Drugstore has lovely cello work in it, and interesting words. Wonder if the band could do this one. There’s a second guitar theme that the sax would sound excellent playing. (Hiatus, hiatus, hiatus…)

“Cello rock” is an actual term. My head hurts.

So is “cellobop”. Ouch.

This cold (or bad bad allergies, now that spring has hit us like a ton of bricks) is making me miserable, and killing my concentration.

Finally — I get to hear some Bonfire Madigan! I love Pandora. (And can I say that “Saddle The Bridge” is one of the best titles ever? For reasons that most non-string players won’t understand, beyond the obvious image that pops to mind?)

I really miss Liam. I love what I’m doing, but one of the points of being freelance is to have time to spend both working and being with the boy at home. Neither HRH nor I are happy about having Liam with the caregiver every weekday. It’s only for another few weeks, though, until my contract is over, or until HRH drops down to the intended part-time work when the original push to catch up with the landscaping season is over (thanks so much again, winter, for your stubborn insistence on crowding spring back). Working full-time is not something I want to resume, the main reason being I’ve established a decent freelance editing/writing career and if I go full-time somewhere I’ve effectively ended the freelance thing and left clients in the cold.

Focus gone, gone, gone. Sore throat, draining sinuses, glasses hurting the bridge of the nose. Am tired of all these words.

Kind of neat to look around the room and realise that every single person here is working on a different aspect of the project, and to think that it will all come together at some point soon.

Feeling remarkably cut off from everyone and everything at the moment. I wonder why. Beyond the being sick and weary from it, that is. Probably just that the tiredness is looking for support.