Daily Archives: December 30, 2003

New Printer!

I am proud to announce that I am now the owner of a fully-functional Xerox XJ35c laserjet printer/scanner workcentre. Hugs and kisses and tears of relief to old family friends Dorothy and Greg for allowing me to take it off their hands.

And now? Well, I’ve been obsessing about a printer because my need to write has been building up inside me once again. In fact, at my parents’ house over the holidays I found my completed fantasy novel tucked away on my laptop and began to edit it – from the last chapter in order to avoid the problematic first chapters which have been edited several times without satisfactory results. This novel has been finished for about a decade, and going back to it with fresh eyes I can now see that it isn’t as bad as I expected it to be. Sure, it’s very definitely a first novel, and requires help; but overall, there’s great dialogue, good pacing, and interesting flawed characters. I wanted to keep on writing Crossroads, but apparently I haven’t transcribed the pages and pages of hand-written work I did in the Second Cup this summer. And, of course, the legal-sized notebook with those pages in it was at home. Sigh.

A printer isn’t necessary for writing or editing, but it certainly makes my life so much easier. Balsamic Moon will be the first thing printed out, once I take an hour this afternoon to fix a certain passage in chapter five. In fact, I’m about to sit down with a cup of tea and make a list of all the writing-connected things I want to do. Then I’m going to acquire a small bulletin board and pin them up individually, as t! has done for years, in order to have the satisfaction of taking each one down as they’re completed.

I love my new printer. Apparently there’s a double-sided page option, which I discovered as I poked about in Properties (there is, alas, no manual as of yet). I’m definitely going to play with it later this afternoon and poke various buttons to discover the miracles hidden within.

I have a printer, thank all the gods. It shouldn’t feel this good.