Daily Archives: December 21, 2003


So sleepy. I have no idea why I’m so tired when I spent most of my weekend just sitting waiting for things to happen. I got to work half an hour early for teaching yesterday, and my first class ended up being cancelled; I sat reading in the office for four hours until my second class rolled around. Then I got to work today (an hour and five minutes before I had to be) to unlock the doors, only to discover that the store was already open, and had been for two hours. No one had told me we were opening at ten AM instead of the usual 12 noon. Slightly frustrating; all the more so because if I had been asked, I would definitely had said that I wouldn’t be able to open at ten AM seeing as how I didn’t have to be there until my students gathered for their Solstice events at one PM this afternoon. Usually my class starts at noon, and I arrive a few minutes ahead of time in order to unlock the store for the girls who are working on the floor, which is fine. Today was just crossed wires, which is frustrating enough on its own.

Ah well. It just means I had a really unhurried two days of doing nothing. Which, I suppose, was slightly frustrating in and of itself, since I’ve been anti-social all weekend, desiring nothing more than to hide under the covers of my very warm bed.

We’re now on our way to Toronto for four days of seasonal quality family time. Yay us!

A Merry Solstice to you. May you all see the light at the end of the longest, darkest night of all.