Daily Archives: December 8, 2003

Author! Author!

Ah, yes, working in the book world is so taxing, you know. Rubbing shoulders with the talented and famous… it’s a task that someone must perform, and I have nobly dedicated myself to the path. For example, here is a shot of me hanging out with Dave Duncan.

Yes, that Dave Duncan.

To see more, you can go check out the Nebula/Melange Magique Con*Cept’03 photo gallery.

Weekend Roundup

I have a public who requests updates. I am touched.

A big thank-you to all who came out to support my husband’s studio launch on the weekend. All five members of Studio Elements were touched (and decidedly overwhelmed) by the response and enthusiasm displayed by the attendees. I think everyone sold a piece of artwork, too, which was unexpected; it was a party, not a show, after all. You just can’t hold back popular demand, however, or deny good art.

We also had the Montreal NaNo wrap party, where we discovered that many of us had story elements in common (apart from the psychic ferrets, I mean). We also played t!’s annual game of NaNo Questions, where queries such as “If your novel were a food, what food would it be?” and “Describe your novel in ten words or less!” were posed. It was a riot to hear the answers from such a varied group of people. The room was humming with creative responses from creative-types. So, overall, it was a remarkably artistic weekend.

The art theme continues this week as I make a Yule gift for a friend, which cannot be detailed here as she is quite likely to have the surprise ruined for her. You’ll all be kept up to date with appropriate vague references.

The Changeling game that Roo (dubbed “the very cute pagan gamer geek girl” by admiring friends who met her on Saturday night) and I have been discussing for the past little while is becoming more and more likely to actually happen, which makes me jump with joy inside, being as gaming-starved as I have been for months. It’s really making me think about when children lose their completely enchanted view of life. Playing with my goddaughter this weekend (whom, by the way, delivers the very best spontaneous hugs, complete with back-patting and sticky kisses) raised the same question. When do we lose that completely open, joyful celebration of absolutely everything we see? When do we begin to trap things inside, to deny our individual interpretation of life, to conform to consensual reality simply in order to make things easier? And, the ultimate question: why? Playing Changeling will allow me to further explore these questions. Plus it’s just going to be downright fun, ‘cos it’s with cool people and will no doubt involve large amounts of candy and giggling. Think the ultimate sleepover or the best day off from school and you might hit on the general feeling.

On a completely different note, my dreams have been remarkably vivid these past few days. I don’t know about how others dream, but my dreams tend to involve pop culture figures, most recently the Lord of the Rings film characters. The cast from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel pop up frequently, too. (There was a run last spring where my dreams featured the Buffy cast performing a different Gilbert & Sullivan operetta weekly.) My latest dreams involve lots of swords being passed from person to person as symbols of their identity. Entertaining, but one does have to wonder what it’s all about. (No, this is not an invitation to psychoanalyse me; it’s a rhetorical question.)

Or maybe it’s just all about the gorgeous costumes that my subconscious mind dreams up.

Hmm. Almost makes me want to drag out my toy sewing machine and get back into the construction of absolutely beautiful outfits with little to no practical purpose.