Daily Archives: September 5, 2003

Things That Make You Go “Hmm”:

Whenever I please myself with a word count, I head on over to Caitlin R Kiernan’s log of her latest novel endeavour. I haven’t written lately, so I haven’t checked it out, but today I came across a lot of interesting posts (Caitlin is nothing if not interesting). The one that made me go “hmm”, however, is this one about how socially acceptable is a grown adult’s playing of “let’s pretend” (which is essentially what authors do in their heads). She contrasts it with role-playing, an activity which the majority of adults scoff at.

Er. It’s the same thing. Imaginative adults play let’s pretend all the time. Let’s pretend that light isn’t red, let’s pretend you’re a naughty schoolgirl, let’s pretend that bill says I owe much less than I actually do. Authors of all genres of fiction (and some non-fiction) play a version of let’s pretend and then write it down.

Caitlin blows the whistle on it, as well as costuming (another interest we share), and what she calls The Cult of Sports. Go. Read.


I’ve been off writing for a while now, which has been discouraging. Several times a week I say to myself, “I feel like writing,” but I don’t actually want to be involved in the physical act of bashing out a story. I want to feel like I feel when I’m writing, but I don’t want to write. (Does that make sense? I think it does.)

I believe that it has a lot to do with the amount of output I produced over the last twelve months, which is staggering when I look back on it. I’ve pinned down a couple of reasons which explain the reluctance to sit down and re-engage, and they all make sense — as mentioned earlier, my unintentional end-of-novel move in The Great Canadian Novel pretty much sent the “done” signal to my brain, and I’ve had an anti-computer kick going on as well — but overall, I think I just needed a break.

I’ve been mutinously reluctant to open my laptop again, so I did what I used to do: I went out and bought a new notebook with lovely smooth pages, and a new fine black ballpoint pen. I sat down with my lovely wooden lap desk that Ceri bought me three months ago, and did what I’ve been telling her to do all summer… I just started writing. And yes, the first words were “I don’t want to write”, followed closely by “none of my stories interest me”, and “maybe I should do this”, then by “or hey, yeah that” — and bang, all of a sudden there were 1,200 words of the lapsed Trinity dream story, which has acquired a working title of Crossroad.

So. I’m feeling much better about things. I even made notes on what can come next when I return to it.

Ladies, gentlemen and honoured others: she’s back.


Highlights of today’s horoscopes:

Gemini: An unhealthy addiction to H.P. Lovecraft novels will lead you to unnatural practices involving a squid and a meat pie.

Sagittarius: A good day to bet online. You�ll win big in the death pools but then feel unusually philanthropic and donate it all to the new reigning premier of Nigeria, who has graciously set up a private bank account, just for you.

Capricorn: A great day as 166,503 gullible Sagittarians fall for your email scam. One of them, an NSA agent, will pay an unexpected visit to your office tomorrow.

From Davezilla, natch, who also listed “The God of Abraham is a jealous God, and still upset that Ganesh can beat him at chess” among Verses that God Edited Out.

Mumbles and Mutters

I want a mouse with a scroll wheel set into it. I use one at work and I love it.

I want an optical mouse. I now hate my mouse cord. I’m still considering a light tablet.

I want to try an ergonomic keyboard. I almost had a free one, but it won’t work for various reasons.

I need to put new lenses in my previous pair of glasses, because now that I’ve started wearing glasses all the time, I take them off and forget them in odd places. My glasses on the coffee table at home do not help me when I’m sitting in an office staring at a computer screen. (Two pairs of glasses might mean I lose them twice as often, but at least I’ll have increased my chances of having an operational pair close to hand.)

The Kim Possible: Secret Files DVD was released this week, as was the second season of Angel, and the second season of 24 comes out on DVD next week. Either studios are counting on the arrival of student loans across North America, or it’s all an evil plot to keep me in abject poverty. (What? You didn’t know that I’m a huge Kim Possible fan? So huge that I want a new cell phone so it can beep like her pager? Yes, I’m a geek. Sue me. How can I not love a show with a theme song that begins, “I’m just an average girl/And I’m here to save the world”?)

I’m tired of slow dial-up, and I want high-speed or DSL.

And the problem with waking up before dawn is that you’re ready to do things like banking and shopping before banks and shops are open. Drat.