Daily Archives: September 3, 2003

So Much For The Vacation

Home again. It feels like I didn’t have a vacation at all.

I tried to have a nice quiet tea-hour with my oldest girlfriend this morning and we were interrupted by the electrician and three phonecalls in and two out. Then I went into work for a nice quiet session of freelance data entry and was drawn into the whirlwind that is the wholesale division. Skippy came over to do battle with newly acquired computer bits ten minutes after I got home. I’m exhausted. I’m in the process of denying the scratchy feeling in my throat and the vaguely nauseous feeling that’s been nagging at me; I refuse to be sick.

Lord Skippy has blended the guts of two computers (“Your chocolate is in my peanut butter!”) and has created a new taste sensation which I have dubbed “BiFrost, Computer of the Gods”. Two hard drives! Two! Muah-hah-hah!

I’m exhausted, so I’m stumbling off to bed. Besides, if I take off my glasses and lose them one more time I think I’ll scream.

Just wanted to let you know that I’m alive. G’night.