Daily Archives: January 21, 2003


I know that Future Shop is The Den of Evil, but damn, their CD prices are persuasive. When I stopped by on Sunday, I picked up the Chicago soundtrack for $14.99 (compare $18.99 at HMV) and the Treasure Planet CD for $9.99 (no matter what the HMV price might be, this is cheaper by a mile!). I checked the price of Tori Amos’ Scarlet’s Walk and found it to be $17.99 as opposed to $23.99, so yes, I know where I’ll be picking it up. If I’m purchasing at a chain, I’d rather purchase at the chain which will take the least amount of my hard-won dollars, thanks.

As good as the Chicago soundtrack is, I’m slightly disappointed. The recording levels are a touch uneven, particularly in the Cell Block Tango. The entire introduction to the song is almost unintelligable, as are some of the monologues, which were loud and clear in the film. And of course, one runs into the problem of lacking visuals, so the songs don’t pack quite the same punch in certain places – We Both Reached for the Gun loses a certain something when you don’t see Richard Gere’s voice issuing from Renee Zellweger’s brightly painted lips in a ventriloquist act. My last regret is that for some reason the soundtrack doesn’t include the tap-dance sequence.

Apart from that, it’s good solid singing of good solid songs, and I’m glad my mother invited me along to see the film with her over the Christmas break.

Speaking of my mother, it’s her birthday! Happy Birthday, Mum!