Daily Archives: January 7, 2003

The Two Towers, Redux

The Two Towers was definitely better the second time around. I really, really think it had a lot to do with the bimbo who sat in front of us in Toronto and waved her arms whenever Legolas did something cool, cooed whenever he had a close-up, and squealed through every fight scene. Knowing that the film is made up of three-quarters battle sequences, you can imagine how irritating this became.

Yes, this viewing was definitely better. I even noticed this time when Saruman said the title of the movie, earning a golf clap. The pacing seemed a little more even, although I still think Merry and Pippin got short shrift in this film, not even getting to enter Isengard let alone welcome the rest of the fellowship as the doorkeepers when they arrive.

As the credits rolled, my husband said hopefully, “Do you think they’ll do a trailer at the end, for Return of the King?” “Not a chance, yet,” I said. “We’ll just have to come back and see it again in May or June, like we did last year for Fellowship.” Which is hardly a sacrifice, is it.

We watched the cast commentary of the Fellowship special edition DVD the other day, and wow; they really did just put all four hobbits in a room and let them talk, didn’t they? With comments from half a dozen other actors here and there, it made for great fun.



I would like to announce that my husband has just been contacted to start his old job in animation, as of eight o’clock tomorrow morning, at approximately the same pay he was receiving when he was laid off eighteen months ago.

We’d like to thank everyone who was supportive and understanding and helped us along, and we know that all of you will be as crazy with glee as we are right now. So I just wanted to let you all know before we stepped out for a celebratory luncheon.


Whilst cleaning out a bunch of drawers this week, I discovered a tiny pot of cosmetic micro-sparkles, employed as part of a costume a few Hallowe’ens ago and never used again. I’m not a sparkle kind of gal.

Well, part of Project 2003 is to learn how to have fun again, so I scooped some of the powder up and dusted it all over my arms and throat. What the heck, right? I’m at home, after all.

It’s kind of quirky, and the sun outside catches it every once in a while, and I laugh at myself. So far, so good.

While I was in the living room getting a reference book, our little black kitten Nix hopped out of one of her hidey-holes behind a row of tomes and rubbed against my legs. I automatically bent down to pat her… and you know those micro- sparkles: even when you try to brush them off, a few still cling. Which means that they transfer to everything that you touch. For example, from my hands to her silky coat.

Voila – instant magic kitty. Here and there, glinting in the sun, there’s a tiny random point of light in the depths of her midnight fur, like stars.

She’s absolutely beautiful.