Daily Archives: January 3, 2003


Okay, who let a seventies-throwback design the new Palais des congr�s de Montr�al? It looks like a kid built a house with a pile of Jolly Rancher candies.

Honestly. Does no one have taste any more?


To reassure yourself than the mind of man is actually capable of creating beauty, go see the Varna: World’s First Gold, Ancient Secrets exhibit at the Pointe-a-Calli�res Museum of Archaeology and History in Old Montreal. Wonderful collection of goldwork and art from the area of Varna, a.k.a. Odessos, on the western shore of the Black Sea. Submerged by rising sea levels due to global warming not once, but twice – then struck by drought. Can you imagine? One of the most fertile areas in Europe, rendered uninhabitable for a good chunk of time until the Thracians came along and said, “Hey, this looks good for a headquarters while we try to unite the clans,” never knowing that there were huge necropoli under the hills, or what amounted to a graveyard under the waves. The Greeks liked it too, and the Romans thought it a funky vacation spot as well. Like the rest of Europe. (Love those Romans, conquering without raising a harsh word. “No, no, we wouldn’t dream of attacking you. Mind if we put a temple here and a garrison over there – since we’re friends and all?”)

Anywhats. If you’re in the area, and need a quiet stroll through some lovely samples of hostorical art and craftwork, do stop by. The exhibit isn’t overwhelmingly huge, and will only take you perhaps an hour to go through it. In fact, it’s terribly relaxing, what with the constant sound of gentle waves, and a lovely soft light created by the masses of translucent blue fabric flowing through the middle of the exhibit room. Worth the money.


From Neil Gaiman’s blog:

Have you ever noticed that your writers have changed? Semi-serious question. You�ll spend six months in a romantic comedy, then you turn around one day and you’re in a ghost story or a medical thriller, or you spend a year in a kitchen sink, grittily realistic drama and then, without warning, your life turns into a sitcom…

It�s always sudden. It often happens with a bang. Ah, I think, when that happens to me. New writers…

Yes. Yes, that’s it, exactly.