In Colour And Detail Hitherto Unknown!

We’re watching WALL*E for the billionth time in a month.

Except this time, we’re seeing all sorts of things in the background that we missed before, because we’re watching it on our new flat screen TV, which is sitting on the new TV corner unit (brilliantly scored in the Ikea as-is section). We’re stunned at how much we’d been missing. We loved our twenty-five year old RCA oak-encased TV, but with the new HDTV mandatory changeover happening in the next couple of years it was going to be useless for anything other than movies and games. The parental units gave HRH gift certificates for this very reason as Christmas gifts, and today we went in and found the very last unit in stock of the TV we’d decided on. HRH has classified this as the easiest set-up ever of anything electronic that he’s dealt with. It was literally unpack, switch the plugs and cables, and go.

We did try to convince the boy that watching Star Wars for the very first time on the new TV would be extra awesome, but he insisted on WALL*E. If we weren’t going out tonight we’d be watching it ourselves as soon as the boy was in bed.

Thanks Mom and Dad H., and Mum and Dad M.!

One thought on “In Colour And Detail Hitherto Unknown!

  1. Phnee

    How neat!

    I need to get myself a TV unit, and I may try to score myself an IKEA one like that: it looks both really nice and convenient. My new-to-me TV is not going to be HDTV compatible in a few years, but since it cost so little and I never watch TV at home, I’m not too fussed.

    Hurray for heretofore-unnoticed details!


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