The Comeback of the Annual Holiday Thing

While some fell to the weather (no pun intended) and others to illness and still others to not-napping children, just about half of the invitees made it out last night. Thank you to everyone who spent time with us, and to those who intended to come but were foiled by various instances. Glasses were raised to those in absentia. At the very end there were just four of us (and two cats) rambling from topic to topic ( “Do you realise that this entire thread started because we were talking about cane-fighting?”) and the whole evening exemplified what I love about my group of friends: Lego, books, cider, mulled cranberry juice, baked Brie, chocolate, empty appliance boxes, foccacia, playing with the kids, and just enjoying being in the same place with people you care about.

Thanks for helping us wrap up our year, gang. See you in 2009.

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