We have achieved a decent operating level of health! It’s amazing what nine hours of sleep can do.

Of course, now we are in the post-sick weak-as-a-kitten stage. But being able to think straight, stand straight, and breathe is such a novelty that I can deal with the weakness. A walk would kill me.

I finished up my freelance evaluation this morning and I’m uploading it to the client’s server now. I’m wiped for the day, of course, but that’s fine; it will take a day or so to get it approved, and then I can grab another one. There’s a backlog of material to evaluate, so the client is doing a pay-and-a-half promotion this week. Extra money is very nice.

Now I can go curl up under the afghan or in bed and browse secondhand iBook listings. Goodness, they are affordable…

4 thoughts on “Hurrah!

  1. HRH

    Way to go Kitten!

    Glad to hear your feeling better, I too have gotten better as the day continues on.

    Now lets hope HLH has a good day and we’ll all say good bye to the sick.


  2. Curtana

    I’m glad you’re feeling better!

    Did you see my post about our trip to Mtl? If you happened to be free on Friday the 17th of October, would it be possible for us to drop Arthur off with you guys for the late afternoon/early evening sort of timeframe (when Steve’s award reception is)? I know how much he would love to hang out with Liam. Or I could come by with him earlier and visit with you for a while :) Of course, if you’re not free then, it’s not a problem, and I hope we can see you another day while we’re visiting.

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