New Music

I’ve just sorted through all the new music we got last week at orchestra, and here’s what we’ll be playing in the fall concert:

Symphony no. 104 (“London”) – Haydn
Iphegenia in Aulis ouverture – Christoph Gluck
Divertimento in C major KV 157 – Mozart
Adagio for Clarinet and Strings – Wagner

There’s something else to come, too.

The projected date for that concert is November 22. Mark you calendars now, but in pencil, just in case. When that date has been confirmed I’ll tell you.

2 thoughts on “New Music

  1. Owldaughter Post author

    Yeah, Wagner — this will be my first Wagner ever. Although he orchestrated the Gluck overeture and something else I’ve played too, although what it was completely escapes me.

    As for the other piece of music, I think it’s some Hungarian Dances, but I’m not one hundred percent certain.

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