I have deep affection for the borrowed iBook. It is light; it is silent; it is relatively quick for its age; and it is white. I am surprised that the colour of the casing and keyboard makes such a difference. I seem to work well within the Apple interface, too, which has a nice design.

While I have developed affection for it and a genuine enjoyment of using it, I am not in such deep love that I am going to shell out $1200 + for a new Macbook. No way. There are, however, other notebooks out there that are white and quiet. I will investigate further.

I have done 90% of my freelance project today. I’ll take two hours tomorrow morning to polish the evaluation report and submit it, then ask for another assignment. That’s excellent turnaround time. I am very pleased.

Still sick. No voice. I think coven’s going to be cancelled tonight. No one should have to come into this House of Plague unless absolutely necessary.

9 thoughts on “Sigh

  1. Owldaughter Post author

    Ceri: Hee! I know. But I can get a secondhand iBook for less than the Aspire One. I don’t know how comfortable I’d be for long periods of time with the tiny keyboard and 8″ screen. The iBook is a 13″ screen, which is small enough these days.

    Scarlet: I’m not seriously looking for a new laptop, and I’m certainly not going to pay $900 for one when I have a perfectly good one right here! I’m considering some sort of secondhand Mac alternate to the one I’ve got.

  2. Owldaughter Post author

    I know, I’ve looked at them. But my concern is that the new mini-notebooks are going to be too small for regular use, as freaking adorable and toy-like as they are, and as much as I’d like one. And they’re still too expensive for something I don’t really need.

  3. Ceri

    I’d recommend trying the keyboards on the mininotes if you want one (which, as you say, might not be what you’re looking for). The Wind keyboard is 92% of full size (whatever full size means. I bet it’s not 92% of my glorious split keyboard, for example). But right with you on the small screen size. It’s nice for portability and travel, but wouldn’t be great as an everyday machine.

  4. Owldaughter Post author

    Yeah, the split keyboard thing is what’s really worrying me about the mini-notebooks. I have a hard enough time using the full-size straight keyboard on the Dell laptop I currently have. I liked the translucence and the soft touch of the iBook keyboard, despite the straightness of it.

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