Checking In

We have been here in the cultivated wilds of Southern Ontario for a day now. The drive was very good, made even better by passing Fearsclave and exchanging waves with him as he entered and we left his local Tim Horton’s drive-through, where we had stopped for a late breakfast. I find it very amusing that we ran into the one person we know in Alexandria.

The boy traveled wonderfully. The new car traveled very well too, although we are very close to exchanging these high-performance (and loud) tires for the regular Goodyear ones we used on the station wagon. It didn’t rain, nor did we encounter construction or ludicrous traffic across Toronto as we usually do. We are suspicious but thankful.

And now for a week of not answering phones, checking e-mail and news and journals only sporadically, and likely not posting often, if at all. Have fun. Don’t break the internet while we’re gone.

(Three more sleeps till 7/8 cello!)

2 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Curtana

    Have fun! (I guess it’s too far to hope you guys could make it down our way for an afternoon or so… or whether we could meet up somewhere half way…*sigh*)

  2. Bodhi

    He told me he saw you! If you are as wonderful in RL as both he and Phnee turned out to be (and I’m sure you are) I will be even more blessed than I I thought possible when we finally meet. And thank you, thank you for your part in getting me my fly-fishing kit.


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