Mailbox Joy!

I just got my long-awaited delivery cheque for the hedge witch book! I am solvent again!

I could actually buy a Jay Haide 7/8 cello next week. Not that I’m going to, but I could. I feel much relief.

I have to make this last as long as possible, though, because I don’t know when I’ll be doing another book, what with the imprint I worked with being closed down and the publisher’s focus going vague and basic. Or if I’ll ever get around to finishing one of the several YA books on the go and shopping it around to agents so that they can shop it around to publishers. (Or, you know, get paid by the Big Corporation for whom I did work last May. Ahem. Not that the amount is large at all, but it’s all money and bills don’t stop coming just because a client doesn’t pay me.)

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