Quick Post-Trip Update

Hullo world; we are back safe and sound. I have much cello news to jot down, but it will have to wait until Monday, most likely. Other than that: lovely trip, am proud of the boy in general for behaving very well, loved seeing the parental units. We got a bike trailer. The car trunk has been officially dubbed The Trunk of Extended Holding, because there is no way it could possibly have held all our bags, the bike trailer, a box with a printer inside it, assorted things we bought there (like a bike helmet for the boy and a couple of toys to be put away for Yule), and a cello.

Did I say a cello? I did, didn’t I. Oops.

Okay, all you get until I have the proper time to post is this: No, I did not buy one of the 7/8 Jay Haides I tried out, although they were lovely and smooth and dreadfully easy to play and had nicely balanced tone throughout the complete range, especially the second one. I came home with a turn of the century German-made one instead.

That’s all the explanation you get till early next week. Maybe sooner, if I have the time. Muah-hah-hah.

One thought on “Quick Post-Trip Update

  1. Ceri

    Yay! Cello!

    *waits impatiently for details*

    Also – have you read any of the Detective Inspector Chen novels? I picked one up at Comicon and am curious if you’ve read any of them.


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