Thirty Months Old!

As he grows older these updates are becoming very hard to do in the way I used to do them, so I’m making it easier on myself just noting things down and doing a kind of photo album instead: fewer deep observations, tighter prose. I miss the slightly more emotional tone, but I just can’t capture it the same way as he ages. I think it has something to do with how he’s becoming more and more of his own person. He moves me just as deeply, but in ways that are harder to define in a monthly post. I’ll also link posts I’ve done throughout the month with Liam-associated milestones or observations for reference.

So, here we go.

Liam no longer walks to the car; he ‘walks in a snow!’. And when the world is so very white and so very fluffy, one cannot blame him for recategorizing the snow along the way as more important than getting in the car to go wherever we’re going. He keeps trying to pick up chunks of snow on the driveway, to bring them into the car or into the house, whichever way it is that we’re heading. Fortunately the chunks have always self-destructed before he reaches his destination, so we haven’t yet had to have the talk about the ephemeral nature of snowballs. He is very solicitous of my safety outside too: “Careful, Mama, it slippy,” he tells me with very precise delivery. He is fascinated with snowplows and snow removal vehicles (but then, who isn’t?). And he keeps wanting to eat handfuls of snow, which wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t trying to pick it up off the driveway.

Lately he has jumping about like a mad thing, and both feet leave the ground. This is a great improvement over the jumping motion with the body, knees bent and all, but without the departure of soles from floor as he did a few months ago when he started ‘jumping’. Last month one foot got off the ground; now both feet do. Liam jumps about ‘like a kangaroo!’ with immense enthusiasm. His co-ordination is improving daily, probably due to the challenge of moving about in snow gear. He goes up and down stairs with ever more confidence, and improves at climbing in and out of the car daily. He can whip a kitchen chair over to the counter and handle things on the surface a bit too well now for comfort. And he brushes his teeth on his own remarkably well, although HRH still needs to do a quick follow-up to make sure everything is clean.

When he trips or accidentally whacks his hand against a doorframe or some such thing, he wails — no tears, just the wails — then kisses his hand or his own knee and keeps on going. Mother-makes-it-better kisses are already being phased out. Soon I will be redundant. Also, I am no longer allowed to dance or move in any kind of rhythmic fashion when music is playing. I should have seen it coming when I was forbidden to sing.

His new favourite film is The Cat Returns. Current favourite books include Ten Apples Up On Top! (for which he insists on having an apple to balance in his head, then eats it while reading the other books before bed), The Tale of Tom Kitten, and The Tale of Two Bad Mice.

Liam counts things incessantly: orange slices, the ducks in the bath, stairs, chicken nuggets… We’re hearing the use of ‘mine’ and ‘my’ a lot all of a sudden. The need to classify things as belonging to someone has become very important. “That my cat,” he says of Maggie, “that my chair, that my kitchen, that my mama, that my dada; that Mama’s book, that Dada’s boots.” Also frequently heard is the exclamation of “OH NO! ROBOTS!”, which kills me every time, especially when he’s playing with his trains. Evidently robots are the antagonists of choice in Liam’s play world. The other new saying is “Let me be!”, used when we try to get him dressed or up and moving when he’s doing something.

Firsts this month include dinner at an adult friends’ house with no other children, during which he behaved himself well (thank you, Ceri and Scott), and the introduction to the joys of a ball pit (for which we thank you again, ADZO).

He got a pair of new boots last week. He’s wearing size 3X to 4 tops, size 7.5 to 8 shoes, and size 3 pants now. He’s sleeping ten to eleven hours at night, and has on average a two-hour nap in the afternoon. Liam has his two and a half year old appointment with the doctor at her new location on Thursday, so we’ll have formal measurement of weight and height and so forth then. We know he’s over thirty pounds, and guess he’s around 33. I’ll update this post with the particulars when I’ve got them.

Pertinent posts about Liam this past month:

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And now… more photos!

And the thoughtful/serene/peaceful photo to wrap it all up:

3 thoughts on “Thirty Months Old!

  1. Karine

    WOW: on the clementines photos, he looks so much like you… it’s a lot in the eyes.

    Also, I am in shock that your son WEARS BIGGER CLOTHES THAN MINE. No no no. No fair. Pretty soon he’ll be giving Matthieu hand-me-downs…

  2. Karine

    Oh, by the way, Matthieu still recalls that story I told him about Liam asking the sun to wake up… he did again this morning when he was up before 6AM and I told him it was still night-time.

  3. Owldaughter Post author

    When I saw them together at the ADZO party I would have sworn that Matthieu was still bigger, but HRH says that no, you and he were comparing notes and Liam is heavier? That just seems so odd to me, because Liam’s build is slighter so Matthieu *looks* bigger.

    Weirdness. Proof positive that every person is different.


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