Late last week, Liam came up to me and put his arms around me, saying, “I love you, Mama.”

This is a big thing, because while he has done this with prompting he’s never initiated it all on his own before. Over the past week he’s done it frequently, and it does wonders for the morale, especially coupled with the recent increase in spontaneous kissing.

And in other kissing-related news, a neighbour across the street became rather overzealous and put their Christmas lights up along their outside banisters last weekend. Liam got out of the car last Monday evening and stopped dead.

“Mama, what that?” he said. “Kissmas! That Kissmas!” he answered himself. Then he stepped out of the way of someone coming along the sidewalk ( “Uh-oh, people on the sidewalk”), and as she passed he turned and called after her, “HAPPY KISSMAS, PEOPLE!”

Two-thirds of the way through November and my son is already wishing people the joy of the upcoming season. Gah.

But… Kissmas. I love that the way Liam puts it, it’s a festival revolving around kissing. Not a bad idea at all, when it comes down to it.

Even cuter, he sang me his very own Kissmas song yesterday, which sounds suspiciously like Happy Birthday but goes: “Happy Kissmas…. to you…. Happy Kissmas, Happy Kissmas to you!”

This holiday season is going to be a lot of fun, methinks. This year he has figured out what presents are, after all. Come the beginning of December we’ll do a holiday collage, with a new picture or object to stick to it every day at breakfast, a twist on the Advent calendar thing. I’ll see if I can interest him in making paper chains, too.

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  1. bodhi

    My Sparky, who has taken to kissing almost strangers (family members she met for the first time in Florida, for example) has always let me kiss her cheek but never kissed me. For the first time last night, when I asked her for a kiss she put both my cheeks in her hands and kissed me. The theory is she doesn’t like the beard, or alternately, that she favors me so much with all her other attentions she had to make it seem like she was holding back affection somewhere. Whatever the reason, we’re ready for Kissmass now.


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