Of Course

As I (cynically) expected, all is go this morning. The company accepted everything I quoted them, but silly me, I was waiting for someone to actually say ‘Yes, everything is fine, we’ll do this, thanks’. Nothing infuriates me more than a lack of response to direct questions to confirm a contract. My time is valuable. Even if I don’t have another immediate job lined up, there are other things I schedule into my days, and leaving me hanging not only screws up my week but other people’s weeks as well. I’m going to start using return receipts even if there have been no communication problems to date; maybe that will give me some peace of mind.

Good thing the imminent rewrites for the pregnancy book didn’t fall into my in-box yesterday with a three-day turnaround like I was afraid they would.

Apart from being irritated on principle, it will be good to feel productive for someone else and be paid for it rather than doing the whole future-investment thing of writing something uncontracted for myself. Now I’m just waiting for the link to the document to arrive, and then away we’ll go.

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