That Hallowe’en costume I said I’d do for Liam for his benefit?

It was a major hit with the boy this morning. We showed him the shirt and a small smile flitted across his face. He touched the logo gently and said, “Incredibles?” Then he enthusiastically helped take off his Nemo jammies and get the shirt on, and even was very interested in getting the ‘super-pants-socks’ on. Not bad for an iron-on transfer, a pair of black woollen tights, and a pair of red socks with the foot part cut off. It won’t win any prizes, but he adores it, which is what counts.

Perhaps there will be a better photo later. He wouldn’t sit still this morning. (Naturally!)

7 thoughts on “Hallowe’en!

  1. Owldaughter Post author

    This one’s nowhere near as polished as yours are! I wanted to do the swashbuckling coat for him but I just didn’t have the time; I have *no* idea how you managed to pull off not one but three costumes this week. One of your secret superpowers, perhaps?

  2. Karine

    It’s called clever shopping! ;) The fruitless hunt through Fairview notwithstanding, I found almost everything I needed for Matthieu in one store, everything for me in another, and Sam’s just a red PJ with an iron-on transfer patch to cover up the reindeer embroidery. *lol* Basically, I dedicated time for 2 shopping sessions, and a couple of hours in front of the TV or waiting for my hair dye to do its job stitching the boots and belts.


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