This has been what is known as a Bad Day.

The boy has been simply crazy. I have managed to make soup, and cupcakes, and bread all from scratch in an attempt to keep myself sane. I’m trying to find comfort in that. But there were laundry issues that threw my daily plan out of whack, and that potential client still hasn’t gotten back to me to confirm a contract that begins tomorrow. There has been no reply to my last two messages. The former outlined my fee and delivery bid; the latter reiterated the information and also courteously pointed out that I required confirmation, as I have the rest of the week to schedule. Still nothing. At this point, I am severely tempted to send them a polite message saying that as they have not replied to me I can only assume that they will not be availing themselves of my services, and that I have taken another contract that came up instead. (Granted, the other contract consists of paying work next week, but I may also be on the verge of selling a book; I’ll know tomorrow.) My week is in a holding pattern; their last communication was on Friday, to which I replied Monday morning. I am not a fan of freelancers being ignored until they’re suddenly needed yesterday. Particularly for a three-day deal with a ‘we must have it by this date’ deadline.

On the brighter side of things, HRH had good payroll news today: they’re treating each year of animation experience as equivalent work experience, and each year of education beyond the required level as two years. He just needs declarations of term of employment from his past employers. And once it’s all settled, he will receive a retroactive cheque to cover the deficit beyond the base salary the job offers. Very nice indeed.

The boy may have a Hallowe’en costume tomorrow, more for his entertainment than anything else. We shall see how creative I can be tonight. No stress, just fun.

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  1. silly imp

    A trick I use with my clients is to gently remind clients who seem to think I am at their becka nd call that I’ve reserved specific days to work on their projects based on timelines we negotiated. I explain that this helps me manage my schedule and it also means that their projects get my undivided attention over this period. However since I manage all my projects this way, it also means that if a project is late without sufficient warning, I may not be able to pick it up immediately or complete it as per timeline since my ‘reserved time’ is usually pretty solidly booked. That’s not to say that it’s not inflexible, just that if a project is going to be alte coming to me I need at least a few days of advance warning so I can adjust timelines with other projects.

    Usually I explain this system to clients at the start of negotiating a project, so they see how I work. Most love the idea of having me to themselves…. Then, about a week before the project start I confirm the start date, timeline and the specific days that i’ve ‘reserved’ for them. If I get wishy-washiness then I send them a list of alternative dates that I ahve available. Often when they see that these dates may be a week, two, three or more down the road, they then hury u and get me the project. It works most of the time but not all the time. I suspect it may also have lost me clients as well, but hey, my sanity is worth it!

    Excellent news about the pay!


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