Il Maestro Update

The tide has turned. A tiny bit of information I read recently solved my ending dilemma: one of the two endings I envisioned simply cannot happen, for my protagonist would never make the sacrifice required for the associated unknown payoff. Now I know how it ends. And today I wrote the pivotal moment where she chooses her path and confirms the end of the novel.

Total word count, Il Maestro e le Figlie di Coro: 50,260
New words today: 1,354

Mousme came over to write with me, and brought milk because I twisted my knee coming up the front stairs after waving goodbye to the HRH and the boy on their way out this morning and couldn’t safely walk to the depanneur to get a litre of milk for her tea. We had plain but comfortable fare for lunch — tuna casserole, because I forgot that I was also going to walk to the bakery to get a loaf of bread for sandwiches — and lots of tea.

I didn’t realise how much those two possible endings were weighing on me. I’m looking forward to writing on.

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