Poking around online at all things Gouldian today, I discovered my report on that book launch and film festival that I had written for the rest of the F-Minor e-digest crew ten years ago.

It’s all still there, all the conversations we had about music theory, performance, criticism, and other things only tangentially Gould. The Internet holds on to everything.

I joined the F-Minor e-list back in the days of text-based Internet, when I was still using a telnet connection. Maybe I’ll resubscribe, and rejoin the GGF, too. Well, I’ll sort through the newer posts and things first and see if I like the current environment before I decide. Just by scanning the names of people posting I can see many of the old crew are still around.

I thought I’d pick up a couple of new Gould discs tomorrow while I’m out too, something I haven’t done in years and years. Maybe some Brahms. Or the gamba-harpsichord sonatas, if they’re still available.

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