I did a bunch of running around this morning. Finally picked up the sheet music to an Arvo Part piece that Sandman7 and I are considering playing together, and picked up a CD of Boyce symphonies because I enjoyed playing the first one so much last season. I also came home with Edgar Meyer’s recording of three of the solo cello suites by Bach (2, 1, and 5, if you’re curious), played on a double bass. I am so glad I have a subwoofer wired into my computer system. The volume isn’t up very high but already the lowest notes are making the window and things on my altar on the other side of the room rattle. Much is my love for Edgar Meyer. Also, much is my admiration: the intervals, stretches and shifts are murderous on a bigger instrument like the double bass, and he’s managed to make it all sound liquid. I would love to hear it played live in a church. (Now I want a double bass even more.)

The main reason for going out, however, was to get HRH’s anniversary present… which was not available. Well, one kind was available, but it was much too expensive for something of lower quality. Argh! Looks like I will have to resort to a much less exciting alternate option, which he pointed out to me in passing this morning. I could have driven to a different shop much further north in the city, but I have a sample edit to begin working on today, and there’s no guarantee the item would be available there either. (No, I can’t call, because it’s a look-at-various-ones-and-evaluate kind of thing.) Maybe for Yule.

There was also an astonishing lack of Glenn Gould recordings available, considering the anniversary year this is. I could have bought remastered recordings of two things I already own, but I’m not that obsessive.

Now, to work.

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