Daily Archives: October 28, 2008

Parent-Teacher Interview Review

According to his preschool educator, our son is very grounded, confident, and sensitive to what’s going on around him. His language skills are incredibly advanced, and he’s showing excellent problem-solving and pre-math skills. He just needs to focus on slowing down a bit, because his mind is racing ahead and his body can’t keep up, so he’s (a) clumsy and (b) so eager that he forgets to enjoy what he’s currently doing, and quite often forgets to finish.

The other children love him, the younger ones especially. He often ends up with a small crowd of them following along, and he can give them things to do or suggest ways that they can play.

HRH, once everyone was buckled into the car, discreetly made a fist and pumped it once, saying: “My son has minions!

And because today is their Halloween party, here is what has been obsessing Liam and providing HRH with a creative outlet this past week:

Halloween 2008