Daily Archives: October 3, 2008

Orchestrated Update

New words today: 2,212
Total word count, Orchestrated: 21,400

Stiff and achy again today, with lousy power in the limbs. Stupid fibro.

Oh look, words. Yay for words! And look, we also broke the 20K barrier. w00t! We are officially over one-third of the way there. Another word meter is called for:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
21,400 / 60,000

A Good Thing

It’s a good sign when I listen to an album and want to play my cello. Am already trying to figure out if I could play the bass riff and the mid-song guitar solo from ‘Vengeance Is Mine’.

I am amused by the fact that it has taken a new Alice Cooper album to shake me out of my melancholy. (Although having a sneak peek at Brendan’s upcoming book has helped, too.)

A good Friday to you, world. Let’s see what we can do today.

On Voting

I don’t talk about politics very much here because it’s my journal, and politics annoy me because they’re not what they ought to be.

But after watching highlights of the French leadership debate, overhearing bits of the English debate (notably the crack of “Where’s your platform, under the sweater?” which I heard clearly all the way in the bedroom), and reading about the various statements that leaders have made while on tour, I have this to say:

I represent Stephen Harper’s worst nightmare. I am an educated woman with a post-graduate degree. I am an artist, one of those people who drive a significant portion of the economy. I happen to practice an alternative religion, think that the environment needs a hell of a lot more attention than it’s getting, and think that the long-term effects of policy are more important than short-term effects. I read policy (when platforms have actually been released) and make my own decisions, factoring in track records regarding how planned policy is carried out.

And I’m now registered to vote in my riding. Nice try, switching my husband’s riding but conveniently not switching mine. But I’m not taking it personally, even though it’s happened every single federal election since I’ve been married/earned that post-grad degree/stood up to be counted as someone practicing an alternative religion. I’m sure it was just an oversight.

You can be damn sure I’m not going to vote for someone who has repeatedly insulted my intelligence, that of the majority of my friends, and that of the entire country. And this isn’t limited to the current party in power.