Daily Archives: October 8, 2008

Today’s Writing

Can’t title this an exclusive Orchestrated update because ye gods, I was productive today on not one but two projects. I scare me sometimes.

New words today: 2,338
Total word count, Orchestrated: 23,738

Wow. Somehow the protagonist’s response to the first challenge turned into a standing-up-for-what’s-right. And there are icky politics involved. (Not political politics, the kind that pop up in any organization.)

Harpsichord Dreams:
New words today: 3,287
Total word count, Harpsichord Dreams: 3,427

Hello, gentle reader, meet my new project, the book of music-themed essays sporting the working title of Harpsichord Dreams. I need a proper icon for it. (Yay, a work-avoiding tactic for tomorrow!)

Allow me to record my grand total for the day, because it’s just going to make me smug:

Total words written today: 5,625

Wow. Yeah, that was worth it.

Gentle Readers, Information Is Needed From You!

In this case, I need the help of local musical persons with moving experience. I know there are lots of music-types who read this journal and don’t comment frequently or at all; you’re likely the people I need to hear from in this instance.

Have any of my gentle readers (or their families or friends) in the Montreal area had experience with a reliable piano moving company whose rates won’t gut a bank account? If so, could you leave the company’s name, a brief summary of the fees you paid and your impression of their service in the comments? If you have their contact info that would be a terrific bonus, but if all you remember is their name I have excellent research skills and can track the other info down on my own.

No, we do not own a piano. Rates for moving one must be factored into the budget for the purchase of such an instrument, however, so I need to be armed with the appropriate knowledge as I continue my search for one. If it makes any difference, we’d be moving an apartment-sized piano under four feet high.

Thank you in advance, gentle readers!