Daily Archives: September 20, 2007

For The Win

How did orchestra go? Well enough for me to walk directly into the bedroom where HRH was reading to say, “I am an orchestral goddess” when I got home.

Which is not the sort of thing I say at all. Ever. But it was entirely suitable to describe the success I experienced. I’ve reached a point where I can play things that would have sent me into a panic a few years ago. And we worked — oh, we worked. Our conductor jumped right in and worked a few passages until they were clean, and told us to focus on dynamics from day one, and I walked out of there happy and feeling like I’d done something, learned something, and it was only the first day of the season. We were sight reading as usual, which meant I made up fingering and shifts on the fly… and I did it more than adequately. I no longer feel like I’m struggling to keep up. Now I’m working on technique and refining a performance that already exists, even if I’m sight-reading something. I’m rather proud of that. This is going to be a wonderful concert. And when this can be said after the very first rehearsal, well, let’s just say it’s a good thing and you should all circle November 24th on your calendars right now.

(Now imagine how good I’d be if I actually practiced on a regular basis instead of when I can fit it in. You know, that whole minimum half-hour a day thing? I’d be lucky if I managed an hour every two days, but maybe if that’s what I can manage, that’s what I’ll aim for.)

(Also: Rehearsal went so well that I forgot I was wearing my red shoes for the first time this fall. Yes. That good.)

In other completely unrelated news, prepping for this weekend’s equinox camping trip retreat has driven me right over the edge. I’m tired of being the responsible one who makes multiple lists and props and plans and chases down equipment and buys supplies. Being the grown-up sucks sometimes.