Daily Archives: September 12, 2007


Everyone slept in till eight today. Evidently we needed it. The boy had one wake-up around nine last night but HRH got him back to sleep relatively swiftly (relative to the hour and a half of the night before, that is).

I was invited to a management meeting for orchestra last night and found that people feel the same way I do: we need to work harder, and people need to respect one another and the orchestra as a whole more. Also, I got a sneak preview of what our spring 2008 concert is going to be (no, no spoilers; things are always subject to change) as well as confirmation of what our November 24 concert programme will be. And alas, no, we will not be doing a repeat of last year’s staggeringly successful Messiah Christmas concert, partly because it’s an incredible amount of work that would have had to have begun months ago, but also because Cantabile is doing it this year and it’s kind of pointless to have two groups doing it in the same community. Maybe next year was the quorum’s recommendation. If not the Messiah, then another Christmas oratorio-type thing. Amusing fact: there were five cellists in attendance, a first violinist, a second violinist, a violist, and a flautist, plus the conductor.

I have been cleaning out the office closet in preparation for the new shelves, and I have packed away all my teaching and Master’s stuff in a (bright red!) plastic storage container. There is one box left to go through that seems to be a catch-all of old calendars and random papers; I’ll sort through it after this break. There are some bags of fabric to go downstairs into the sewing cupboard too, and art books to join HRH’s reference material on his bookcase downstairs.

And in doing so, I found my original thumb drive at the bottom of a box! My guess is it fell off one of the higher shelves where I keep my disks and computer manuals at some point and got itself lost. It’s a very cute 32 MB. Fine for documents, not so fine for backing up photos or music.

Back to sorting and cleaning.