Daily Archives: September 17, 2007

Il Maestro Update, Etc

I had a lovely surprise visit from Mousme this morning, which shouldn’t have been a surprise because I’d invited her. She arrived with her laptop and I made a pot of tea and we sat down and actually wrote stuff. You know, that thing I do for a living, and have been trying to do for the past couple of weeks and have been getting pretty much nowhere because I keep getting sidetracked by shiny research that really doesn’t need to be done this very second? Yes, that. I fed her leftovers and she asked for seconds, wonderful girl.

Total word count, Il Maestro e le Figlie di Coro: 48,906
New words today: 1,777

We’re inching towards an end of the first draft. I still don’t know which ending is going to happen. We’ll find out as things develop, I suppose. Once the first draft is complete (how confident I sound) I have a feeling I should go right back to the beginning to polish and expand and fill in the gaps, and attack it with a metaphorical offset spatula to smooth out the continuity. I’m mildly concerned that if I put it away I’ll lose momentum on it. (Momentum? What momentum? The theoretical momentum I’ll have achieved once it’s been finished.) Remember, I put this away last December and only took it out three weeks ago; I don’t want to have to go through all the rereading and reacquainting myself yet again.

Mousme and I now have a casual regular writing date. If it works, don’t mess with it. It’s been ages since we’ve just chatted so we did a lot of that too, catching up and talking about books. Imagine how productive we will be when we don’t have to do as much catching up.

I know I wrote on Friday, but for some reason I didn’t record it. The day’s total was around eight hundred words, I know that, and there was an extra three-hundred-word character file that I finally had to draw up because I could no longer remember the specifics of the dozen or so orphans and several adults I’d created a hundred pages and ten months ago.

This post launches the new Il Maestro-associated icon, from one of Chris Van Allsburg’s breathtaking illustrations for Swan Lake. (No, there are no swans in this novel. Swans elsewhere in my other novels and novellas, yes, but not this one. Are there swans in Venice at all? Other than on crests?)

Saturday we postponed an Ecomuseum trip we’d planned with the Preston-Leblancs due to inclement weather, and had brunch out instead. Then we took the kids to an indoor playcentre and the boy had a rip-roaring time in the three-and-under room of slides and lookouts and big foam blocks. We will absolutely return, and return often, I think. On our way out I spied a kitchen supply shop that had Bundt pans in the windows, and suddenly I was coveting Bundt pans I’d never seen but only heard tell of: cathedral pans! castle pans! rose pans! And not only in the regular large size, but miniature fantasy Bundt pans too!

Sunday we wandered about shops doing errands, and after the boy’s nap we had a birthday visit with HRH’s mother. All in all a lovely weekend.

Today I also applied for a posted freelance job, doing the whole tweaking of CV and creating the perfect cover letter thing — only to have an automated return reply to my email saying that the employer receives so many applications that they’d get back to me in four weeks. Ah well; all that angst, gone in an instantaneous email poof.