Daily Archives: November 13, 2006

Musical PSA

Since so many other things got subsequently scheduled on the 18th (a.k.a. the night of my first concert this season) and no one can make it, I encourage everyone who wants to be at the upcoming Messiah concert to circle the date on their calendars this time. That date, once again, is December 16.

Maybe I’ll start including a footnote reminder of concert date, time, and location each time I journal about practicing or rehearsal, to keep it active in people’s minds. I don’t know how else to remind people of my concert dates. I announce them when I get them, which is usually six to eight weeks in advance, then again a week beforehand, and they’re always posted on the Currently Enjoying page. I don’t expect anyone not interested in the concerts to keep track of it or leave that evening free, but there have been a surprising amount of orchestra groupies this time who eagerly said they were going and then realised last week that they had double-booked themselves with various non-concert regulars in the meantime.

Edited to add: Okay, let me clarify because I can feel a couple of people getting defensive out there, which was not the point of this post.

a. I hate promoting myself. It feels like I’m pushing myself at other people and yelling “Look at me!” There has to be an easier way to do this.

b. Everyone has busy lives.

c. I don’t expect anyone to come to my concerts, ever. When someone does, I am dazed and grateful. When multiple individuals attend, I am downright jubilant and effusive in my thanks.

d. People tell me they want to attend, which I have to take at face value. I’m trying to find a method by which this can be made easier, and it’s just a fact that concert dates always slip people’s minds.

e. If no one can make it, I don’t take it personally. Not for the reasons you might think, anyway. You see, we hold concerts to make money in order to fund the orchestra. No audience, no ticket sales, no bank account to pay for rental of rehearsal space and operational costs, and so forth. Not to mention the very basic fact of no audience, what’s the point of holding concerts anyway, and if we’re not holding concerts what’s the point in preparing a programme? You see the problem.

So yes, people attending is a good thing, both for them and for the orchestra in general. And I like to have people attend; I like sharing what I do with others and offering them an evening of enjoyment. I specifically enjoy sharing what I do with people I know, because I can talk to them about it afterwards as they have a very different perception of the evening in general and the performance in particular. And my regulars all seem very upset that they overscheduled themselves, the sentiment of which I appreciate. It’s just unfortunate that everything seems to have fallen apart this time, and I like to think that it can be avoided in the future, for all the above reasons.


The only problem with writing historical-based fiction:

typetypetypetypetype — pause

Q: Wait — damn. Did Albinoni actually write a Gloria? Even more specifically, did he write one before this point in time?

A: Maybe? Difficult to prove since very few of his works were actually published, meaning that most were lost. I can get away with saying that yes, there was a minor Gloria written by Albinoni for the purposes of my narrative. Also, I have just discovered that he was rather fond of the oboe, which suits one of my characters rather well.

I think I’m going to go out for a walk, before the apocalypse-like flood hits late this afternoon.