Daily Archives: November 1, 2006

ESTC — Argh

The good news: I have finished my read-through.

The bad news: There’s a section at the end of Chapter 8 that needs expanding. I don’t know how I missed it.

I could (and may very well) cut it out. I’ve removed more deadwood and I’m down to almost 53K; adding another thousand or so words is a bad idea. Yes; I’ll cut it and add it to my deleted materials file. That way if someone comes back tome and says, “You know, I think this chapter needs something like this” I can pull it out and say, “What, like this? I have anticipated your desire!”

Or something.

That, and the bibliography, and then I think — I say, I think — it’s done. As done as I can do it by today, anyhow.

EDIT: Okay, I compromised: I cut half of it, and expanded the other half.

ESTC — Penultimate Update

And with ten minutes to spare, we have two new pages finishing off Chapter 2. Final word count is 53,770; final page tally is 219.

I’m going to walk away for a short break, and then when I come back I’m going to start the read-through and trimming process. If I finish early enough, I may add the prayers I mentioned in the appropriate places. But otherwise, this is it.

Ceri reminded me this morning that I always feel this diminished on the day I hand a book in. I wish I could feel more triumphant than tired. It’s been a long three months, and yet I wish I had more time to add all the final bits I wanted to include… except then I’d have to really take out even more than the 3.5K that I ideally need to remove this afternoon.