Daily Archives: October 5, 2006

Brick Walls

As if the last two weeks have not possibly sucked enough, today HRH woke up extremely ill and incoherent and spent the majority of the day in bed. I myself am remarkably weary of being sick; this cold is dragging on and on. Then this afternoon, when Liam and I reached the doctor’s office for his 15 mos appointment (which had been rescheduled three times already), we discovered that the doctor had been called out moments before on an emergency and the rest of the day’s appointments were cancelled. We rescheduled for next Tuesday, the only time the receptionist could give me.

Next Tuesday is, of course, one of the days I had to add to Liam’s daycare schedule because of the amount of work I have to do. So I lose one work day there. I’ve lost this Friday as a work day as well, as Liam’s grandma is out of town. And I have no idea what’s happening on Monday; I’m assuming Liam’s caregiver is not receiving, what with the statutory holiday and all. That makes for a total loss of three days, which is a week’s worth of work for me.

Is everything in the sky moving backwards or something?

When I went to draw a Tarot card last night, I saw that the last one I’d pulled around ten days ago was the Ten of Swords, the Yes, it really is that bad card. I should have known. But the Ten of Swords, while being not a great card initially, also encompasses the whole ending-is-a-beginning concept. So I’m watching for things to turn around and look up. I drew the Seven of Wands today, which suggests being successful in competently implementing what I want to implement (the specifics of which remain nebulous at the moment, but which generally include getting work done, and done well, and being on top of all the stuff I have to handle, and being not-stressed, and happy again).

So there. Yes. Tired of the bad and the crap and the sick. Ready for better things.