Daily Archives: October 9, 2006

ESTC Update

Total word count, ESTC: 38,527
Total words today: 1,095

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
38,527 / 50,000

Gods bless HRH for attempting to keep a very unhappy Liam occupied today so that I could get something done. I may have come in below my ideal daily quota, but I’m past this week’s goal, and a lot of today was taken up with mythology research, too.

And now, Scarlet and Blade (who are home from their Thanksgiving weekend trip to see family) are opening a bottle of Kittling Ridge icewine/brandy blend upstairs, and I can hear it calling my name.

More Thanksgiving Goodness

Liam learned a new word today: corn. Some words he picks up so quickly, and applies them with such immediacy that it makes my head spin.

He was a big fan of it, both raw and cooked. It made for a nice, positive part of an otherwise very unhappy day for him, poor kid. Everything seemed to go wrong for him. Even when we couldn’t tell how it had gone wrong, he made sure to let us know he was unhappy about whatever it was. He didn’t want to eat, or drink, or lie down, or snuggle, or play, or read, or anything we suggested. And inevitably, when he decided on something to do, we had to stop him because it was going to either hurt him (and the number of really bad bruises on the left side of his face already point to what a klutz he’s been these past two days) or something else (like the cello, for example, because one does not pull up on the bridge, or hit the instrument with the bow, or attempt to pull the points of the f-holes out with bare hands).

Corn on the cob makes everything happy, though, even if it’s just for a little while. And although I put him down wide awake, he seems to have been content to quietly read his books to Bun-Bun (the toy formerly known as Presto, AKA the Magic Rabbit; Liam calls him Bun-Bun and that’s good enough for us) and fall asleep on his own.

Helping Hands

Liam added three words to my MS today:

Nm n mmmm

Fortunately, he was stopped before he hit a key that had a more negative impact on the file, such as Delete or Insert or some combination of keys that tells the program to Kill It All Irretrievably.

Onward, ever onward.

Happy Thanksgiving

Fall is plaid flannel shirts, golden sunlight, and apples picked off the tree yesterday and handed to you by a farmer.

We are thankful for the beauty and the bounty of food that the earth provides, and for the farmers who bring it to us. We are thankful for the air we breathe, the water we drink, and for the fire that provides light and warmth in various forms.

We are thankful for friends and family (chosen and otherwise), for love and support, for freedom and (relatively good) health.

We are thankful for work, for time to play (even though it seems in very short supply these days), for snuggles and hugs, for cats who purr, for little boys who run and laugh, and for partners who are there to lean on.

And we are thankful for our spirituality, which provides a framework for expressing our feelings about the indefinable.

Thanks, world. You rock.