Daily Archives: July 27, 2006

Liam Update

Today he cut not one but both upper one-year molars.

No wonder it’s been so painful for everyone around here over the past ten days. And today was a special sort of insane. I discovered the first one in the top right gum around lunch. Then jteethy came to pick us up in order to whisk us over to share the afternoon with him and Paze (thank you thank you thank you for the change in scenery and company!), and I discovered the second one on the other side. It literally came through an hour later.

Brave little guy. There have been lots of tears and hugs today, in amongst the screaming and blissful unconsciousness imposed upon him by the car as we took a long, long drive along the Lakeshore. Lots of growing accomplished.

The other big news of the day: We set up the car seat to face forward. He’s definitely a big boy, what with molars and sitting so that he can look in the direction we’re headed like the adults do, and eating Popsicles like he did on Sunday (very fun, even though he kept trying to hold the cold ice part instead of the stick and dropping it because it was, well, cold) and grilled cheese sandwiches too (first one yesterday — it’s cheese! and toast! awesome!).