Daily Archives: July 5, 2006


Here’s the thing.

I have a birthday coming up. My circle of friends usually calls for a group outing, generally to a pub, where we can eat and drink and enjoy everyone’s company for an evening.

Wonder of wonders, I am actually not doing anything on my actual birthday night. Also, what with the new no smoking laws, a trip to the pub would be delightful because I wouldn’t have to strip off the clothes steeped in cigarette smoke and shower to wash my hair as soon as I get home.

The drawback is that either HRH or I stay home, because all of my usual babysitters are out of town that day. I don’t particularly want to go without HRH. Me staying home defeats the purpose of going out for my birthday. (I can be taught.)

On top of all this, I’m in the middle of a rather anti-social phase. This isn’t directly related to my birthday, as has happened in the past, but it does affect it, because going out with a bunch of people to celebrate yourself when you’re in a no-person-near mood? Bad thing.

The obvious solution is to schedule my birthday outing for one week after the actual birthday. However, this still doesn’t guarantee that there will be babysitters, because one set will still be out of town, while I’d like the other set (and pretty much anyone else I’d trust here with Liam) to be with me.

So I’m irritated because I can’t see a good solution that doesn’t entail compromise. Gnarr.

Liam News

New today: “Hi, duck.”

Well, it came out more like “hi, duh”, but it was very definitely a salutation to a bath toy I was using to distract him while I changed his diaper.

More sneaky standing alone when he thinks no one’s watching, and taking a furtive step from one piece of furniture to another without holding on. Sometimes I think that he waits to make sure no one’s directly observing before he does anything like this, just in case it goes wrong and he gets frustrated. It’s like he’s preparing a surprise or something: No watching! Not till I’ve got it right and you can clap for me!

And the new not-so-fun game: dropping toys over the child gates only to realise that he can’t get them back, which conjures up a minor tantrum because they are being Kept Apart, and No One Understands.

Swan Sister Update

Thank you, Liam, for sleeping a full two hours so that I could handle correspondence and news, brainstorm a bit on what I might do with the potential book I’ve been offered, and then spend forty-five minutes writing for myself.

Total word count, Swan Sister: 20,297
Total new words today: 1,605

And the story has just taken an interesting direction. Well, something had to happen before the next plot point. And it’s directly related to the theme and overarching plot of the second part of the book, so it’s all good. More rituals coming up, though. Sigh.