I seem to be writing a lot of posts with exclamation marks in the title field. It must have something to do with the sun outside. Spring sun is so cheerful.

This exclamation mark is sourced from the leaping joy I am expressing at finally completing the third and last set of interview questions from The Wiccan-Pagan Times. What with Liam gaining mobility a couple of weeks ago and life being busy in general, finding time to work on a question here and there has been a real challenge. Getting myself into the proper mindset has also been hard, when time is finally found. But now ’tis done, and I am terribly proud of myself. (Despite the rather guilty feelings I hold over having taken a month to finish them up, that is.)

When the interview runs, I’ll let you know.

2 thoughts on “Hurrah!

  1. Talyesin

    I tend to think of Spring sun as cheerful, in the sense of a kind of survivor’s cheer – we made it through the winter, somehow, we made it through; we survived. Ain’t it great to be alive!!


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