Because It’s Shakespeare!

And really, quiz or not, how can I resist taking a quiz whose script compares me to the unamed summer’s day of Will’s sonnet? Particularly one whose FAQs, when asked how accurate the test is, reply “In every way save the ones of accuracy. Or comparison. But, chances are, you are lovelier than a summer day. For a start, you probably represent minimal risk of bees, sudden tourists or skin damage to those near you.”

Thee Summer Day Score
Name Owldaughter (134) Friday 12th May (159) 0 : 1
Loveliness Lovelier Lovely 1 : 1
Temperature 98.6° F 60° F 2 : 1
Lease 34.74 years 0.59 years 3 : 1
Complexion 4 : 1
Owldaughter is more lovely, and probably more temperate, than a summers day
Compare Me To A Summers Day

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