Daily Archives: March 30, 2006


After a couple of good nap days, today has been a complete disaster with Liam waking up after twenty minutes of sleep on the dot every time, at that brief awakening point before the sleeper sinks into deeper sleep. HRH took him for an hour-long walk, and while he didn’t nap it mellowed him out, and that plus a bottle once home again seems to finally have put him to sleep. We’re currently at half an hour of nap and counting. Thank goodness, because Liam was getting as frustrated as I was about the lack of sleep, poor kid.

And I forgot to record that he said “Mama” the other day. Go figure.

Liam and I went grocery shopping this morning, and on the way out of the store I saw a man at a little table with two vases of daffodils. Every single year I manage to miss the cancer-awareness daffodil fundraiser. Not this year!

I chose two that had only begun to unfold, and one that was still a tight bud. It’s so warm that they’re opening already. I love them; I so rarely have fresh flowers in the house. And since they give out stickers now instead of pins, Liam has a daffodil sticker on his cap.

And there’s Liam now, waking up after forty minutes of nap. Well, that’s twice as long as he’s slept any other time he’s been put down in his bed. Every little bit helps.


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