Daily Archives: April 25, 2004


We had a wonderful birthday party for my goddaughter. She played with everyone, appreciated her presents (“Look! Look!”), handed round cake with style (“Happy Birthday cake!”), and we all got to spend time with people we don’t see as often as we should. By the end of it, we all were ready for a nap; it seems that no one slept well on Friday night. HRH and I arrived home mid-afternoon, and next on my agenda was to pop by the MPRC Beltaine Fair downtown. I was so sleepy that I lay down and closed my eyes, figuring I’d have a quick catnap to get out of my zombie-like state, then bus into town… and when I woke up, it was six in the evening, and the phone was ringing.

Evidently my body decided to get back at least some of the hours of sleep it missed out on the previous night. Fine, except couldn’t it have taken just one hour, then saved the rest for later? I would have gone to bed early. I really, really wanted to see what was on sale at the fair, and see how the workshops went.

Drat. And of course, because my body had stolen sleep during the day, I wasn’t tired enough to sleep again until midnight. Grr.

On the good side, HRH and I sat down last night for an in-depth joint Tarot reading looking at the next twelve months, posing questions and reading for different time-frames (electional Tarot! – well, if you’re an astrologer you’ll get the joke), and our projected plans seem to have quite favorable outcomes. It did a lot to settle doubts and nerves.