Daily Archives: April 24, 2004


I sent the Undead Manuscript back to the publisher at four-thirty yesterday afternoon. My deadline was next Monday. So there.

Then because I resented having my day’s plans put on hold, I went downtown to shop and buy birthday gifts. It was odd to walk down Ste Catherine Street and hear most people speaking English. This is a phenomenon that occurs only during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

I was also reminded why I don’t like people very much. They’re rude and classless and superficial and self-centered.

Aside from gifts for others, to reward myself for a nasty day I popped into Lush and picked up two bath bombs, one a lovely rose-scent and the other the new Reynard dans les Fleurs scent – Fox in the Flowers. (For those who don’t know, I’m as obsessed with foxes as I am with owls.) It’s as close as I can get to new-mown hay, being severely allergic to all of Nature, and it felt heavenly last night.

Then in HMV I bought the new Susie Arioli Band album, and, er, the newly released Guns’n’Roses Greatest Hits collection. (You know you’re an eclectic music-lover when you bring home two contrasting CDs like this.) I blame ProsperosDaughter and t! for the latter purchase; t! for my original immersion in this sort of stuff, and ProsperosDaughter for bringing the Motley Crue tape along on our last trip to Toronto and reminding me of 80s rock. I also managed to forget yet again that I have an HMV gift certificate left over from Christmastime.

Apart from nasty insomnia last night, I’m feeling pretty okay today. There’s a friendly celebratory brunch for my goddaughter this morning, which I’m looking forward to immensely. Life may get bumpy, but there’s always two-year-olds with birthdays to make things better.