Daily Archives: April 19, 2004


Every couple of weeks I try to do something to the Owldaughter website to keep it current. I’ve just finished posting a whack of spiritual stuff which you can check out if you’re interested, on the new Believe page, which also has links to the second page and the spiritual articles. I learned how to use anchor tags today. (Thanks again for my new HTML book, Ceri!)

I have the front and back windows wide open, letting the incredibly warm wind through to air out the house. All the cats are plastered against the screens, wildly sniffing the outdoor smells.

Now it’s lunchtime, and then I’ll sit down with my chapter-by-chapter outline of my book and expand everything in point form. Who knows what I’ll discover belongs in which chapter.

Witches Weekly: Spring

Last night’s barbecue reminded me that Witches Weekly asked spring-related questions which I haven’t yet answered.

What do you take as the first sign of spring’s arrival?

The first warm breeze; the change in the light quality; the appearance of potted hyacinths in the supermarkets, and their subsequent appearance on my mantelpiece at home. Mmm… love the smell of hyacinths.

The confirmation of spring is the first barbecue!

Do you plan to take on any new personal activities/duties this spring? If so, what?

Usually in spring I choose to drop an activity. It’s part of my unofficial spring cleaning process: I clear out the stuff that doesn’t benefit me any more, things I’m clinging to just because.

What’s the first word that comes to mind when you hear “Spring?”

Depends on what time of year I hear it. If it’s any time in winter, it’s “Please.” If it’s mid-to late-March, it’s a phrase: “Thank God.” I live in Montreal, the Land of Extreme Temperatures, sub-arctic to sub-tropical. By the time spring rolls around, we’re all heartily sick of winter. (And yes, the opposite is true by the end of summer.)


Our level 3 students led a fabulous ritual yesterday, aided by four brave level 2 students. My new favourite must-have ritual tool is a shredder. (You just had to be there.)

I enjoyed the afternoon immensely. For once I wasn’t stressed out about packing too much into the day, so I could relax and actually appreciate the school ritual. Before the rit, I was cornered by two of my level 3s so that they could apologise for the chaos of the oils & incense class two weeks ago. I tried to reassure them, reminded them that I was ill that weekend, pointed out that there’s a reason why making oils and incenses are supposed to be held in two separate classes; but they insisted that no, the class as a whole has to remember that the teachers have a ton of information that we’re trying to get across to them in a limited amount of time, and that class isn’t a social event or a place to kick back and relax. By the end, they had convinced me. (They weren’t going to take no as an answer anyway, so it’s a good thing I agreed.)

See, I believe that class does have a social aspect to it, and that it is a time to relax a bit while being focused. However, these students do have an excellent point: there has to be a balance between the enjoyable aspect and the discipline and respect necessary to work within a time frame and with educators.

So I’m very proud of all of my students this weekend, for a variety of reasons. My Saturday class hit upon a comprimise that allowed them to participate within discussion of modern religion at last, and it was fantastic; the ritual was marvellous; and there were several private exchanges on Sunday afternoon that impressed me with how mature and determined my students are.

And after it all, I got to spend a wonderful evening with my husband’s family. No one barbecues inch-thick pork chops with homemade sauce like my father-in-law!