Daily Archives: January 28, 2004


I just stopped by Ye Olde NaNo Montreal Discussion Board to see if any recent news or announcements were up. t! had left a new message regarding the final hand-out of stickers. His sig moved me immensely:

NaNoWriMo Winner two years running (and screaming)
Ringleader of the finest group of writers anywhere, at any time

Heck, yeah.


How amusing. Neil Gaiman got a l33t message and a fan translated it for him.

Thought the translation (liberal in places) would be interesting to those of you who were teasing me about knowing how to read it. Okay, I actually thought you’d laugh too.

And damn, I completely and totally forgot that Gaiman had written a short story called The Daughter of Owls, found in the Smoke and Mirrors collection. This makes me feel incredibly guilty and a right twit.


Ye gods – I’ve been online for four hours. I finished my editing a couple of hours ago, and have since been gaming in a Changeling chat room for the very first time, instead of lurking and getting a feel for who and what and how. And I really, really ought to sign off and go to bed!

Curse you, Roo, for introducing this to me! (And I mean cursing in the nicest way, of course…)