Daily Archives: January 21, 2004

Concert Update

I just learned that my chamber orchestra concert on February 8th is not being held at the rather cold Valois church in which we usually play (hurrah!). Instead, we’ll be performing at St-Paul’s Anglican Church, located at 377 44th Avenue in Lachine (cross street Broadway; just north of the Lakeshore, or Blvd St-Joseph as it’s known in Lachine).

Our programme has altered slightly as well: besides the 104th Symphony (London) by Haydn and the Italian Style overture by Schubert, we’re playing Albinoni’s Adagio as well as his Concerto for Two Oboes, and Schubert’s Rosamunde Ballet Suite. Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony has been postponed to a later concert, which suits me perfectly, since it’s not one of my favourites.

Now, off to orchestra!

The Bad News, Balanced by the Good News

The Bad:

Last week I got the sad news that my sweet little sewing machine is going to cost about a hundred dollars to fix. It was exactly what the man who took it in suspected: the timing has gone on it. A lightweight machine like this one isn’t designed to sew anything heavy, and that’s pretty much all I’ve sewn with it. The repair shop was impressed that it had lasted eight years, but the man warned me that to fix it would likely not be worth the money it would cost. His phone call last week confirmed it. He told me that even if he fixed it, I’d likely run into the same problem within a year or so if I used it for the same projects.

Now that I have a functioning printer of quality, my original plans to buy a new one no longer apply. I think that when the cheque for the first project I finish at the US publisher comes through, I’ll use a bit of it to treat myself to a new sewing machine instead. One with a bit more oomph, a little more weight, the design to handle heavyweight material and projects, and maybe a range of speeds that embraces more than bunny/turtle.

The Good:

I had an hour-long chat with my editorial contact at the US publisher – the imprint specialist is a go, with the contract being tweaked before it’s sent down to me. The series proposal is being fleshed out as I go. This is becoming more and more of a full-time thing, a real career. I’ll be going down to Boston somewhere around the end of February to pitch the proposal and meet everyone, and possibly one of my authors as well. There are the fall bookfairs to think about too, where publicity for the new imprint might require me to be on hand for talks and info session with buyers.

Yes, I’m still stunned.

I’ll need new clothes. Jeans and t-shirts (beloved uniform of home-based freelancers everywhere), however fetching I look in them, are just not going to cut it in a conference room or a marketing sales floor.